Appennino Funghi e Tartufi.
A Story of Passion.


Born from a small artisanal laboratory, Appennino Funghi e Tartufi reached an important goal by realizing a new and modern building and becoming today Appennino Food S.p.A.. The company thought to dedicate the historical brand to its own leading truffle- and mushroom-base line.

From the heart of Bologna hills, one of the most renowned truffle zones, Appennino Food S.p.A. , distributes in Italy and foreign countries the best quality fresh truffles.

The care in selecting and processing the best raw materials, the love and respect for  the territory, the passion and experience in the “world” of truffle made of Appennino Food S.p.A. a reference point for the best national and international restaurant industry and for the more exigent food industry.